A statement from all of us in the band

***A statement from all of us in the band, it’s a bit lengthy but please bare with us****

Firstly Mick and ourselves would like to thank you all for your kind words, well wishes and the general outpouring of love since Mick had his stroke. We may not reply to all but all are read and appreciated and Mick himself said how much it meant to him on Saturday when we saw him.

Mick is making progress and working hard with his rehab but as anyone who has experienced the effects of strokes knows, it is a long road with no certainties where timescale is concerned.

We want Mick to fully focus on his recovery and put no undue pressure on himself and this is why we have made the decision together as a band to wind things up. It’s not a decision we have taken lightly but our only priority is Mick and his health going forwards.

We are immensely proud of what we have built in the Mick Ralphs Blues Band, both our live shows and our recent album. As anyone that saw us play in our recent U.K. tour can attest to none of us especially Mick were resting on our laurels and we felt we were going from strength to strength. So to call things quits with a roar and a smile at the top of our game seems fitting for a band built around one of the all time greats of British music and a truly humble and beautiful man, Mick Ralphs.

We would all like to say thank you to each other for the laughs and silliness, the fun on the road, the stories, the odd tipple, the Barry Norman pickled onions, the unwavering support and love from you lot, oh and of course that wonderful music we had the privilege to play every now and then.

Thanks to everyone who’s been a part of this bands journey, too many to name them all but from Gordon to Pete to Spencer, booking agents to sound men, roadies, former band members, merch sellers, friends, family and everyone else in between.

Going forwards we will continue being what we always have been, good mates having a laugh and a giggle together, just from now on not on a stage in front of you lovely lot!

Peace and love x
Mick, Jim, Dicky, Damon and Adam xx

Band News

Following the Bad Company UK tour that wound up last Saturday at London’s 02 Arena the family and representatives of the band’s co-founder, guitarist and songwriter Mick Ralphs are sad to announce that Mick has suffered a stroke.

Mick is receiving excellent medical care and is recovering in hospital, although all his public engagements are necessarily on hold, pending his improvement.

Everyone is wishing Mick a speedy recovery, and further news will be announced at the appropriate time.

Now in the USA

Very pleased to announce that our album ” If It Ain’t Broke ” will be available in America through Dreamscape Records, at www.dscape.us. You may pre order and the release date is 26th of August. It will also be available on download, and it will be reviewed which will be posted as soon as they come in. Many thanks to Christian Treiber for doing this for us. Looking forward to the future with Dreamscape. More soon.